Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dear Publisher, I'm sorry for the things I did while on deadline

Now that I'm basically out of the woods (as T-Swift would say) with my deadline for "Silver Lined" I feel like this open letter of apology to my publisher is safe to post. I mean... don't get me wrong, I had to kill myself to get this book written and edited in time for its release... but when I wasn't killing myself, I was procrastinating. Big time. And so, without further adieu, a letter to my publisher.

Dear Publisher,

I'm sorry for the things I did while I was on a deadline to get "Silver Lined" written. Things like:

Rearranging my closet to look like "The Paradise".

Actually WATCHING "The Paradise" and shipping Denise and Moray, hardcore.

Watching an entire season of Pretty Little Liars.

Then proceeding to make my own Stiles-esque clue board about who "A" is. (PS, I totally cracked that nut!).

Trying to learn Spanish (again).

And then giving up and admitting I really want to learn French but probably never will because seriously? Why is nothing said the way it's written? Come on France, get your crap together.

Teaching myself to learn a few songs on my new Ukulele (his name is Yonezy, by the way. See video for details).

Taking almost two hours out of my day to complete the AWFUL SilverWastes jumping puzzle with my trusty guildmates Dan, Monica, and Hope.

Completing nearly 80 levels worth of personal story in Guild Wars 2 (PS, Trahearne and I are totally tight (even though he's not a real person or whatever). We basically saved the world together. NDB).

(Epic dragon thing I killed)

(Trahearne saying I'm the best ever)

Designing book covers for my other books, Parrish and Beyond Lyra.

You totally thought I was going to post a picture of them, didn't you? Nice try. I promise to reveal them soon!

Writing about 5,000 #CreepyJeffersonTexts with Ashlee to further delve into the weird inner workings of Jefferson Parrish's mind so I can write him properly.

Writing basically ALL of Beyond Lyra (okay more like 3/4 of the book) when I should have been working on Silver Lined (BL is SO much easier to write. It's not my fault Dystopian requires so much attention!).

And just generally having panic attacks when I sat down to write this book because I wanted so badly to do it justice and I was terrified I'd mess it all up. But I think we're good, people. I was able to actually write the things I meant to write and I'm really going to miss writing these characters. Now I'll just have to write my own personal side-stories for them whenever I miss them :) I don't know that I'll ever have another character as messed up and fantastically fun to write as Eris.

So please accept this former apology, Publisher. I promise that 'bidness' actually got done by the time it needed to!

Until next time,


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Did I mention Silver Lined has a cover? Because it does :)

Behold! The beauty of Rue Volley's design!!!

The Trilogy will finally be completed this April!

Happy Birthday Under Zenith!

So my friend Katie pointed out to me that my book baby Under Zenith is turning 1 today! To think, that ornery British man and his stubborn Southern counterpart have been getting on each other's nerves for an entire year now! And of course they spurred a sequel out of me AND a whole twisted, tragic, interesting back story for the gang in my Parrish book series. Heck, they even managed to weasle their way into the Parrish books just because I couldn't let them go.

So happy birthday Hayden and Isla (heretofore known as Hayla according to Ashlee Wille who gave them a celebrity couple name)! I hope you never stop bothering each other and I can't wait to share your sequel with the world in July!

Here's a lovely picture for you :)

And the two people in this world who were destined to play Hayla... one day.... like right now please.

And last but not least, some Hayla love:

            “You almost did a good job out there,” he answered, finally managing to get a fire going. “Almost.”
            “Oh, well I’m sorry I didn’t live up to your high standards of zombie dodging.”
            “Maybe the next task will go a bit smoother,” he said with a shrug.
            I really didn’t like this guy.
            “What kind of place is this? What kind of afterlife makes you run away from zombies under the guise of completing an agility test?” I asked, sitting on an old wooden rocking chair and disturbing a few spiders that had been resting in the woodwork.
            “Guise? Fancy word for someone so…,” he let his words trail off.
            “What?” I asked threateningly, daring him to finish his sentence.
            “I graduated from a well-respected university yesterday, thank you very much,” I informed him.
            “With a degree in vocal performance,” he pointed out. “Then you got yourself killed.”
            “Oh yeah? Well what did you major in? How to piss people off?”
            “Yeah, that was my major,” he deadpanned. “You know what your problem is?”
            “I’m sure you’re going to tell me.”
            “You worry about the wrong things. All of your anxiety is completely misplaced,” he said, his British accent getting thicker now that he was upset.
            I wished I didn’t find the accent so alluring. Though I’d never admit that to Hayden. He didn’t need a reason for his ego to be inflated any more than it already was.
            “How is it misplaced?” I asked, trying to keep my cool as he took a seat on the moldy bed across from me.
            “You’re dead, Isla,” he said simply, as if that should explain his cryptic opinions. “You died last night and you haven’t said one word about being sad or upset. All you’ve done is worry about your family’s finances, or question my chivalry, or figure out some new and interesting way to make me want to throw you off a cliff.”
            He shook his head in disbelief and threw me an eye roll.
            “Aren’t you the least bit upset that your entire life was stolen away from you at such a young age?”

            I didn’t say anything to him, not wanting to get into something so personal with someone so unfeeling. Of course I was upset, but as long as I didn’t explore those feelings, it would almost be like they weren’t real.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Why book inspired art is my favorite

I don't think it's any secret that I spend too much time on Tumblr and DeviantArt fangirling over various things. But my favorite thing to fangirl over? Fan art. Or just any gif/photo manipulation/art made about a book/TV show/movie. I'm using a lot of slashes in this post. I'll try to stop. Anyway, someone taking time to read a book and create their own interpretation of it in another form is probably the coolest thing ever (as is evident by this AWESOME Midnighters picture):

Or even the Midnighters picture I forced my friends/family to pose in and take with me because I was SO obsessed with those books:

So because of this love I have for book-inspired-art, I decided to post the things that just make me happy inside that people (let's be honest it's mostly Jackie making them as presents for me) have made about my characters. Because I just can't think of a single cooler thing than having someone read a character you poured your heart into, and being inspired to make something because of it that's their own personal interpretation. And I'd like to point out that this is a post appreciating the talent of these people.... not me thinking I'm some awesome capital "C" Creator. :)

So without further ado, here are ALL THE THINGS!

The Breakup Artist:
The first two are by this lovely lady on Deviant Art. And the clay sculptures are, of course, by the amazing Jackie Hicken!

Under Zenith:
These are all from Jackie :) Although the painting she comissioned.

The June Books:

Sugar Coated:
We get a clay sculpture by Jackie AND a song written by Courtney Hansen about "Sugar Coated". How freaking awesome is she for writing and performing this song?


So there you have it! Again, I swear this isn't a "Look at how awesome I am because I wrote these books" post. It's a "Look how awesome these artists are and how absolutely stupid-happy it makes me to see my characters in somebody else's interpretation!"

Gosh I love these.

Until Next Time,


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy Launch Day "Catching June"!!!

It's here! "Catching June" is officially launched! And we're one book closer to finishing June's story... which actually makes me quite sad. But also happy. It's kind of a mixture :) I mean, I want you guys to know what happens, but then that means I'm done with writing her and all the gang, which is SO not okay with me. Granted, June and her friends are connected to my other books in odd ways (Since all of my book characters somehow know each other) but I can't really detail it yet. Just know that whenever I finally do write "Michigan Gone", you'll find out how my June characters are somehow connected to my Parrish characters!

Anyway, back on topic. Launch day!!!

I hope you guys like the latest installment! And don't forget that we're having a launch party today over on Facebook! Follow the link here to play some games, meet some fellow readers, and enter to win some awesome prizes!

Can't wait to hear what you all think about EVERYTHING that goes down in this book!

Until Next Time,


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Catching June Wrap Cover and the Amazingness that is Jackie Hicken

There's a name you guys may or may not recognize from the copyright page of basically every book I've published. And if it's not on the copyright page, you'll definitely find it in the Acknowledgments.

And that name is Jackie Hicken, book cover extraordinaire. I mean, she's also editor extraordinaire. But it's much easier to display her skills in cover design in a blog post, rather than her impeccable editing. I guess all you really need to do is look at what a mess these blog posts usually are compared to my books which are, usually, much more polished because of her awesomeness.

But the focus of this post, is my brand-spanking-new wrap cover for the paperback of Catching June! Jackie just sent it to me and I'm in love :)

I love that she takes time to focus on things like the book spine, where she's done these cute little art deco peacock feathers. Plus I'm loving the color of the back, which I think will go quite well with the rest of the series.

Also, can I just point out that I'm not bragging about my books right now, because this is ALL Jackie. Basically, I just wanted to give her a shout out for all of the amazing work she does (not to mention the fact that she acts in my weird last minute movies and doesn't complain).

So well done Jack. Your covers are just the best.

And now without further ado, my Catching June wrap cover.

Until next time,


Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 SLC Comic Con Schedule!

Hey friends!

Guess what's almost here?

I'm just going to assume you read the title of this blog post, so this isn't much of a surprise, but COMIC CON STARTS IN A FEW DAYS!

I'll be on two panels this years, talking about writing and probably making a fool out of myself. So if you'd like to come witness that, the following schedule will be useful to you!

My first panel is Friday September 5th. It's called "Comic Con Writer's Retreat Part 2: Writing Your Novel" from 6:00 PM to 6:50 in room 255B (though in my experience the rooms can always change!).

The second panel is Saturday September 6th. And that one is called "Structuring Life to Support Creativity" from 5:00-5:50 in room 150D!

The lovely Julie Wright (who I love) will be on that second panel as well! So come check it out!

I'll be lucky enough to actually go to all three days of Comic Con, so when I'm not on panels, you can find me walking around the convention center in my very unprofessional Draco Malfoy costume. Of course I'll be the Draco Malfoy portrayed by Lauren Lopez in A Very Potter Musical :) So I tried to get my costume to look as much like hers as possible. Also, I may have crazy hair on my panels because it'll be braided and under a wig all day! So..... sorry about that.

Anyway, I can't wait to see you guys there! Comic Con is always such a blast!

Until Next Time,