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Monday, April 11, 2016

Shannen, why do your books suddenly cost $1,000?

Dear Readers,

As many of you have been asking, I'm here to let you know why a number of my books suddenly cost $1,000 and are listed as "out of print" :)

I'm not a price gouger and I'm not giving up on being a writer. Quite the opposite actually! I wanted to hold off on this news until things got closer, but now that I've seen a certain GORGEOUS cover, I can't contain it anymore.

Because I love my book babies. And want to share them with the world. Like... I love my book babies an unhealthy amount.

First up, Parrish:

"Parrish", which was previously self-published, has been picked up by Future House Publishing, for the series! So the first book in the series (Parrish) will be re-released at the end of this month! And let me tell you something, the cover is the most beautiful piece of fantastic art ever! I can't wait to share it with you guys :) So because it's being re-released, it's currently showing on Amazon as "out of print" which, for some odd reason, makes Amazon think people will pay a crazy amount of money for it :) But never fear! Parrish will return soon with some new GIANT plot twists. Mainly, for all you people who were wondering who sent the letters and I said "wait until book two!". Guess what, you don't have to wait until book 2 anymore! It's now revealed in book 1. Along with a very pivotal reveal about one of the characters that I'd originally saved for book 2. So there you go. New reveals and twists and a fancy new cover that I'm seriously dying to show you guys!

Second, The Sugar Coated Trilogy, and Under Zenith:

So you may have also noticed that suddenly the entire Sugar Coated Trilogy and Under Zenith are out of print as well. This is because I've gotten the rights back to those books from my previous publisher. They were good to me and we had some good times together, but it was time to take these books in a different direction. With Under Zenith, a lot of you have been asking when the second book will come out. Time for me to get super boring and technical. Because of the reversion of rights, the soonest Under Zenith can be re-released is June, which means the soonest I'll release the second book is June. Because we HAVE to see what happens to Golden Boy Temple and The Hick. And Jefferson Parrish may or may not show up in this book. And I love these characters way too much.

And while the same goes for The Sugar Coated Trilogy, those three books may not actually become available in June because they're currently being looked at by another publisher. It's possible nothing will come of it, and if that's the case, you can expect The Sugar Coated Trilogy to re-emerge in all it's sugary glory with brand new covers and the same weird sugar addiction :)

Wow this is the longest, most boring blog post ever! It's because it's all so technical and legal and all that jazz. But if you take away nothing else, just know that there's a very good reason so many of my books went out of print all at once.

My favorite, awesome, lovely Future House Publishing is re-releasing Parrish at the end of this month! Under Zenith and the much anticipate sequel Beyond Lyra will more-than-likely be available in June! And The Sugar Coated Trilogy may be finding a new home soon! So these books will be available again soon and things WILL get better :)

So rest easy, readers! Fancy new covers for all the things are coming your way! Parrish has gotten a face-lift with some HUGE new reveals at the end! And all is well in the world of Shannen's obsession with writing :)

Can't wait to show you guys the new Parrish cover! Seriously though. It's gorgeous. Like, I can't even handle it.

Also, on a sort of unrelated note. If any of you have watched "The Goldbergs" (AKA today's gif inspiration for the blog) can we all just take a minute to agree that if Beverly Goldberg were Jefferson Parrish's mother, it would be the most awesome but unhealthily clingy mother-son relationship of all time?

I mean, they basically said the exact same thing!

"If you'd let me put cameras in your room while you sleep, Sadie, I would't have to worry about you."

Until Next Time!


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My 2016 Salt Lake Fan X Vlog!

Enjoy. It's full of me being a dork. As per usual :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

All the panels and all the conventions!

Hello people of the internet! Oh how I've missed you....

Except that I haven't been gone...

I've just been lazy with the blog in favor of spending hours on Tumblr looking at "Ahsoka and Anakin" gifs under the pretense of "research" for a book.

Which is why, in true Shannen form, today's blog will come to you in words and assorted Star Wars gifs.


So I'll be attending a few conventions in the not too distant future and you can come see me on panels! Which means public humiliation and awkwardness in droves! Because, as previously stated, I get super hyper when around large groups of people (it's my mind's backwards way of coping with introvert overload) and I usually say dumb things.

You too can enjoy "Awkward Shannen Moments" live and in person in the following places!

I shall be attending LTUE this year for my very first time ever! Which, really, I don't know why it's taken me SO long to go to this conference since it's named after one of my favorite books! Or... you know... a line from one of my favorite books! Wait... isn't it? Did Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy not originate this?


I'm not sure how I managed to weasel my way into this convention when I haven't ever attended before, but don't tell anyone I'm an imposter or they'll kick me off my panels!

More than likely you'll be able to find me because I'll be the one who looks totally and absolutely LOST.

BUT, I'm just super excited to attend for my first time ever!

So look for me on my three panels: "Third Person POV", "Diversity in Gaming", and "Current Sci-fi/Fantasy TV Roundup".

Because why would I not want to talk about writing, gaming, AND TV? It's like my three favorite things ever!

So come and see me at LTUE next week! Either you'll learn something awesome or you'll watch me make a fool of myself, so either way, a good time will be had by all!


We have,

Comic Con Fan X!

Look at that! They gave me a fancy little graphic and everything! I feel so legit! I love you, SLC Comic Con.

Now, if you know me at all, you know that Comic Con is my favorite time of year (and it happens TWICE! How awesome is that?). I have an excuse to dress up in costumes and interact with people who love nerd stuff as much as me! It's basically the best thing ever!

And this year is no exception. I attempted to start my costume a few weeks ago. But that ended about like this.

There was an incident with a bad pattern and a broken bobbin and too-tight-tension on my sewing machine. Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

But never fear! Because I WILL be at Fan X this year, and I WILL be on panels, and I WILL be in costume! As Ahsoka Tano. And I'll hope to run into an Anakin so we can be sassy together and roll our eyes at everyone. Because that's what Anakin and Ahsoka do best.

But costume aside, I'll be at Fan X in March on panels AND at the Future House Publishing booth. So look for the orange girl with lightsabers when you're strolling the rows and stop by the Future House booth to find Pwned and a bunch of other awesome books by awesome authors! Plus Future House has a book bot... so it doesn't really get much better than that.

I'm not positive what panels I'll be on yet, but just know that this is happening. Public humiliation while dressed like Ahsoka Tano is going to happen, people!

So stay tuned for an awkward vlog of my time at Fan X, because that will happen, and come see me at LTUE and Comic Con Fan X! I promise to give you your fill of embarrassing moments on my behalf!

Until Next Time!


BONUS GIF (Even though it's Man From U.N.C.L.E. and not Star Wars. But it's SO cute).

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Exciting Pwned news told through iZombie gifs

First off, for the official (actual professional non-gif'd version of this announcement go here!)

I go through phases. Obsessions really. And once I'm done with one, I keep it in my back pocket to take out at a later obsession date. Like with Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. I love that thing. And for a while I was full-on obsessed with it. Then randomly, three years later the obsession came back.

That's not important.

What is important, is that my latest obsession is iZombie. Seriously. That show is fantastic and hilarious and spot on.

And so, without further ado, here's some exciting news about Pwned, as told by iZombie gifs.

Once upon a time I had an idea that I wanted to write a book about gamers. The only problem was that gamers weren't cool yet. And being a nerd definitely wasn't cool yet. But I was both of those things. And therein lay my dilemma. I wanted to write about what I love (gamers and nerds) but didn't think it would sell.

But somehow, that didn't stop me. I wrote the dang book anyway. And Pwned was born. But because I was so sure no one would ever buy a book about gamers (keep in mind I had no crystal ball to tell me one day me and my nerd friends would be the cool kids) I didn't shop it around to agents or publishers, I just self-published that puppy and sent it out into the world.

Much to my surprise, people actually read it. Like, living people who weren't related to me. People who didn't have an obligation to read it! And all of a sudden, it just so happened that nerds became cool (which I'm still not sure how we pulled that off, but go us!).

And then one day at Comic Con, home of my people, I ran into Adam Sidwell, whose publishing house I've been stalking for quite some time. We got to talking and I told him about how I'd brought a copy of my book Pwned to give to Felicia Day. Because you cannot meet Queen Felicia Day and not offer up some part of your soul to her epicness. In this case, Pwned was the part of my soul. So Adam takes a look at the book and asks me to send him the manuscript. And guess what happens after that? Yep. This little self-published nerdfest is going on the road! I mean... not literally... well maybe literally. What I mean is, Pwned is being re-release through Future House Publishing.

This is awesome for many reasons, one of them being that after months of stealthily stalking Future House Publishing, my love for them is all out in the open and we're now partners! I no longer have to lurk or be a giant creeper by perusing their Facebook page at odd hours.

Because I was starting to feel a little... well...

And they were probably starting to feel a little...

And so now, Pwned is back!

"But Shannen," you say. "We've already read Pwned. Why do we care?"

Excellent question, friend! While this is probably more exciting for the people who haven't actually read Pwned because it'll be SO MUCH MORE ACCESSIBLE, it's still at least semi-exciting for you too!

Sometimes, a dev editor will look at your book and say, "This needs to be clarified" or "I bet we could make the story better if this happened". And while these thoughts have always been nagging me before meeting said editors, when it's just you and your characters trying to muscle through a scene that might not be working, it can feel a bit like this.

And then you try to say to your character, "Hey, we can't do that because this scene just isn't working like you think it is."

And you characters then reply with, "I don't care. Write it anyway."

And then you start to question why in the world you're talking to fictional people you made up yourself.

But guess what. Those scenes that I was never all that sure about, are now different. And while the book hasn't changed so much that you won't recognize it, I'm actually very excited about the different things that have been added, changed, and taken out.

So that, random citizen, is why this is exciting even if you've read the book. Although the real reason this is so exciting, is just because Future House Publishing has been nothing but wonderful and they're full to the brim with epic people. And pairing up with them, means big and exciting new things for Pwned.

So stay tuned for things like a release date, a new book cover, info on the sequel PVP, and all the freaking epic stuff we have in store for this book. Because believe me. We have end-game-content sized plans for this thing.

Also, go watch iZombie.

Until Next Time,


Saturday, October 17, 2015

That one time I thought I was a ghost hunter on The Queen Mary

Hey there friends!

How is October treating you?

What am I saying? Of course it's treating you well. It's October. Best month of the year! And we haven't even gotten to Halloween yet!

Oh October. How I love you.

Anyway, if you guys haven't checked out my newest book Parrish yet, you should totally get on that, because it's about ghost hunters and mysteries and romance and embracing your inner weird and all sorts of other things. So really, if you think about it, October is ideal timing to read this little gem.

For those of you who have read it, the below will make sense, and for those of you who haven't, at least enjoy the video of me running away from a cleaning lady while trying to play it cool.

So in Parrish, my characters go to investigate The Queen Mary. Now I didn't actually pull all of this stuff out of thin air. First off, The Queen Mary is definitely haunted. Second, I happened to stay there on my honeymoon because The Husband and I are just those kind of people. We also wanted to go to The Winchester Mystery House but didn't have the time.

Anyway, I pulled a ton of what happens in Parrish from various places we visited and stories we heard on The Queen Mary, so enjoy some pictures from 5 years ago.

So I was a huge dork and decided to dress all old fashioned to try to freak people out on The Queen Mary. Irrelevant to Parrish, but still, wanted to share.

The long hallways where you can see from the back of the ship to the front.

The haunted pool where all sorts of shenanigans go down in Parrish.

Remember when Sadie runs into the changing rooms near the haunted pool because she hears a voice? Well here are the changing rooms. They're said to be haunted as well... but I guess the whole ship is so.......

More of the pool area.

And the beautiful gold doors I love.

The bathroom in Brighton's room that has the salt water knobs, where Deacon insists she'll get botulism if she uses it.

So there are some of the places on The Queen Mary mentioned in Parrish! And as a bonus, here's a very old video of me trying to be a ghost hunter and failing miserably. We were walking down one of the long hallways on the B deck (which is supposed to be the most haunted deck) when I heard a door close beside me, so I start walking faster and The Husband laughs at me because, in fact, it was one of the cleaning people leaving a room. Of course I try to play it cool and force myself not to run or scream, but I couldn't hide the little half job I did for a second there. Oops.


Apparently I'd make a horrible ghost hunter.

Hope you're liking Parrish!

Until Next Time!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

The wonders of the world are all here on display

10 Science Collaboration Points if you can name that band ^^^

Also, I'm slightly worried that in my attempt to smush the spam out of my life I may have disabled comments on my blog... so if it says you can't post a comment, just shoot me a Facebook message or something. Because knowing me, I would do something like that.

Anyway! On to books news galore!

2015 SLC Comic Con

I will be there! And I will be on panels. And it will be awkward. I tend to turn into a super hyper person when I get around tons of people (which is weird because I'm the world's biggest introvert) so my panels are usually all over the dang place. I don't have my panel schedule yet, but I should in the next few weeks and I'll post it for everyone!

I just know I'll be dressed as Rocket Raccoon.

And I'll be looking like a fool on panels, and I'm going to meet Felicia Freaking Day.



In case you missed that.

And of course, I'm going to give her a copy of Pwned since she helped inspire it with all of her girl gamer power. And it'll probably be a really awkward exchange, but I'm okay with that. Because even she says you're never weird on the internet (almost). And Comic Con is basically the internet.

Authorpalooza at Barnes and Noble!

I'll be signing books at Authorpalooza at Barnes and Noble on September 19th in Sandy! So come out and say hi and bask in the total and utter chaos that is Authorpalooza!

My second Authorpalooza is actually where I ended up meeting my critique group, and how can you not love a group of writers who wear wedding dresses to critique each other's pages?

Parrish release date!

Parrish... you know... the ghost story I've been telling you guys about for two years now? Yeah. That one. It'll be out September 28th! September is apparently a very busy month for me book-wise! I'm SO flippin excited for you guys to read this one. And I know I say that about every book, but this one especially, because I LOVE Jefferson Parrish and his totally creepy ghost hunter vibe. These books are the best because October is my favorite month and Halloween is my favorite holiday, and The Husband and I watch scary movies all month long, and creepy is the new cute. So read it and be creeped out with me :)

Keeping June release date and cover!

Keeping June (the last book in my June series) will be coming out December 19th. And I'm really sad about that. I mean, I'm happy you guys will get to read it, but I'm also super sad to not be writing anymore June books. June was my second book published and I've been working on these stories for years. It'll be really weird to not be writing or plotting a June book. And it sort of breaks my heart. Plus this last book is SO full of feels. So just be ready for that. So. Many. Feels.

I've got the beautiful cover from Jackie Hicken and will be doing a cover reveal soon! So stay tuned for that!

Beyond Lyra!

Beyond Lyra (the sequel to Under Zenith) will be coming out in February! Not sure of the actual day yet and I may move the date if some crazy thing comes up. But I already have the cover, which I will not be revealing for a while :) And I'll just tell you it's full of CRAZY stuff. But what else would you expect from these books?

And since I'm not showing you the cover yet, here's Hayla :)

Erasing Emily!

Erasing Emily is a book I've thought about writing for a long time. And I didn't mean to write it. But I sat down and it sort of wrote itself in record timing. SO it's done :)

It's no secret that Blake Sennett is sort of my music idol.

The Elected is my favorite band of all time, and every time I've met poor Blake Sennett I've gone total fangirl on him about how beautiful and profound his lyrics are and how much they mean to me. This poor guy is probably two seconds from getting a restraining order.

But that being said, because I listen to his music so much, I started to feel like all of his songs were linked, and they started coming together in this story in my head. So, thinking I'd never in a million years get permission, I asked Blake Sennett if I could write a book where I used his song lyrics as chapter titles because his songs are what had inspired this story. And by some miracle, HE SAID YES! I basically took the story I imagined from his songs and wrote a book about it. And I really love it. It's very different from what I normally write because it's a bit more... how do I put it... normal. It doesn't have ghosts or robots or otherworldly places. It has a boy and his doomed relationship with his childhood sweetheart. And I love it. I'm currently shopping it around to agents, but one way or another you guys will read it. And then you'll need to listen to The Elected and figure out which chapters belong to which songs :)

If you don't know Blake Sennett from The Elected, you might recognize him from his first band Rilo Kiley :)

That's about it for now. I'll  keep you guys updated on PVP as the time gets closer!

Until next time,