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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Beyond Lyra Cover Reveal!

Are you guys wondering where the heck I've been? Writing books of course! AND getting ready for the release of TWO new books before 2016 is over!

That's right. Not only will you be getting Beyond Lyra this month, but you'll ALSO be getting Fade in December!

So check out this awkward video for the brand-spanking-new cover of Beyond Lyra!!!

Or just look below :)







Friday, July 22, 2016

Author Spotlight: Lisa Rumsey Harris

I haven't done an author spotlight before. Not really. But I just had the sudden urge to share with you guys why everyone needs to be reading Lisa's books.

Although it's not super fair because even though I've read a few of her amazing stories, only one is out for the general public right now. And oddly enough, I read one of her unpublished works before reading her published book, "The Unlikely Gift of Treasure Blume". (You can get it here)

But it doesn't even matter that, at the moment (but not for much longer because her next work of art will be gracing book shelves soon) there's only one book for you to read. Because that book is worth reading.

So I don't know how author spotlights normally go, but this one is basically going to be me telling you the main reason you need to be reading anything Lisa Harris has the time to write (because time is surely not easy to come by with four little girls, a husband, a giant dog, an even gianter cat, AND teaching ACT prep classes).

Lisa Harris doesn't write books. She writes art. And it's taken me several years to figure out exactly why I loved her writing so much. And it literally just hit me about five minutes ago, hence the blog post.

Lisa has this amazing gift. Her books all have this sense of magic about them and her characters are experiencing sort of semi-paranormal phenomena, but that's not what makes them magical. The real gift she has, is that she can magnify the profound beauty of the commonplace. Her scenes with actual magic are great, and fun to read, and written beautifully, but the scenes in her books that always mean the most to me are the ones where nothing all that amazing happens. And it'll usually happen in one line. And it'll be completely out of the blue. But I read her stories, and suddenly I feel like I've been a part of this profound, incredible moment that I didn't even know was coming. Because, again, it's always in a random sentence about a totally normal thing where she suddenly lays the deep meaning on you.

She does it so well that I can't even really fully describe HOW she does it!

So yes, this blog post may be random, and yes this might be the most non-spotlight-y spotlight ever done. But I don't really care. Because seriously, you need to read anything Lisa writes.

And you REALLY need to keep an eye out for the next book she has coming out, because it's the first one of hers I ever read, and all I could ever contribute in our critique group was, "Everything you write is a gorgeous piece of art that makes me feel like I'm unworthy to be in its presence."

Maybe I should have titled this post, "A love letter to Lisa and her amazing artful writing".

So there you go.

Until Next Time,


Monday, July 11, 2016

Because all Parrish AUs all the time.

This has no bearing on reality. Or relevance. Or anything really. Sometimes I just like to do weird character development things because they're fun. And so... without further ado... I give you AU scenarios to see how Jefferson Parrish would have ended up if he'd had certain famous TV/Movie moms for his own mother.

Instead of the unholy terror he actually got for a mother.

Oh Ingrid Temple. You nightmare.

Round 1. Norma Bates

You guys all saw this one coming, didn't you? Because my obsessions are strong and unrelenting. And this terrifying picture is currently the background on my phone :)

Basically, if Norma Bates had been Jefferson's mother, things would have gotten super awful, super fast. Sure there'd be a lot less murder, because Jefferson doesn't suffer from DID, despite what his actual mother in the second Parrish book has said to psychologists, but there'd still be a little bit of murder, wouldn't there, Norma?

Because in fact, even though Norma is sort of not responsible for most of the body count in White Pine Bay, she is responsible for some of it. And because Jefferson isn't prone to running around killing people (that we know of), he'd most definitely be on board for covering up Norma's murders.

Because Norma Bates, despite all her shortcomings, is one heck of a mother. I mean, she puts June Cleaver to shame. She's got the dresses. And the cooking skills.

And that killer record player. And the cleaning thing? She's got that down! Especially when trying to cover up a murder.

And an unending (and sometimes inappropriate) amount of affection for her child. So her and Jefferson would for sure have the most unhealthy mother/son relationship this world has ever seen. Because if you replace Norman's penchant for murdering people with Jefferson's penchant to be too loving, and smush that together with Norma's ability to block out the world and love only her child, you've got way too much affection for one healthy relationship.

Still. It would be healthier than the Norma/n relationship. Let's be honest.

Round 2. Beverly Goldberg

Because this one is WAY too fun to not explore.

I keep telling The Husband that Norma Bates is Beverly Goldberg with some added psychosis and anger issues. So take those two things away and you're left with a mother who loves her children WAY too much and will do literally anything for them and if you think there's something wrong with her kid, well then, buddy, you're wrong. I mean, like, they can do no wrong. Which means she'd not only embrace Jefferson's weird stalker-ish tendencies, but she'd encourage them because he'd be her "delicious little boy". Her words. Not mine.

So Jefferson would grow up to be himself... but like... tenfold. It would be a disaster. But also super entertaining to see. And the second Sadie called him weird, Beverly would be on the phone, yelling at her for hurting her little boy's feelings and she'd force Sadie her to marry him.

Round 3. Lucille Bluth

Actually... we don't really need to explore this one. Because this is basically Jefferson's mother already. So you'll get to see her in the second Parrish book. Except that Lucille Bluth is actually more endearing and sweet than Jefferson's mother. If you can believe that. So basically, if Lucille were Jefferson's mother, he'd end up about how he is now, but maybe a bit less needy, because Lucille isn't nearly as awful as Ingrid.

Round 4. Morticia Addams

Now this one would be fun. Because it would basically mean that Jefferson would end up like he is now, but with even creepier tendencies. Because he would have grown up in a home where his mother was even creepier than him, and he'd want to make her proud, so he'd amp up the creep factor big time. And he'd end up being totally and completely... well... an Addams I guess.

Round 5. Leslie Knope

Actually. I imagine Jefferson would still end up about the same with Leslie as a mother. Maybe he just wouldn't be quite as needy because he'd actually have a loving presence in his young life. And Leslie would push her son to be the best at what he did... which would be stalking and being affectionate. So he'd just be like a Super Jefferson. But I do think he and Leslie would interact about the same way she interacts with Orin. And that would be so much fun.

So there you go! A totally useless exercise, just because this is how I like to spend my free time. It's not my fault. Jefferson doesn't let me NOT do this kind of thing with my free time.

The second Parrish book is all written and off to the publisher so keep your eye out for a release date! And if the first Parrish book was trying to be subtle in it's paranormal-ness, the second book is full-on paranormal mode. And the third one is full-on-haunted-house mode :)

Until Next Time,


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

All the Book Signings. All the Awkward Shannen.


I've got a few book signings coming up and instead of bugging you about it on Facebook (I'll save that for Friday) I thought I'd tell you all about them in... you guessed it... gifs :) My favorite of all things.

This time, Jefferson Parrish (Mika) gifs because, in fact, I'll be signing Parrish at these events :)

Here's a quick reference for all of you who don't want to read a long post with fantastic gifs... if such people exist. May 21st, King's English from 3-5. June 10th Jordan Landing B&N from 5-6... maybe 7? And Sandy B&N at some time I don't know yet.

And now for the long gify explanation!

First up! I've got a signing at The King's English in Salt Lake City on May 21st from 3-5! I'll have candy, and bookmarks, and happiness, and all the awkward Shannen moments you could ever hope for.

I'll probably end up looking like this in every picture.

Or maybe this

And also this.

So be ready to be inundated with horrible pictures of me taken mid sentence. Because they're coming. 

I also tend to write super awkward things in people's books when I sign them. So I apologize in advance ;)

But not really. Because "Stiles was here" was my favorite thing I've ever written in a book. Cassie. I'm looking at you!

I'f you'd like to join the Facebook event page for the King's English signing, you can find it here!

My next two signings are actually on back to back days! So on June 10th I'll be signing at the Jordan Landing Barnes and Noble 5-..... 6? Maybe? Maybe longer than that? I honestly can't remember. But at LEAST from 5-6.

At that signing, you can expect awkward small talk from a socially inept author, AKA me.

As well as awkward physical contact... because I don't know how to be a human.

But in addition to the awkward, there will be candy and bookmarks and actual books. So... you know... real reasons to go! PLUS Mikki Kells and Cindy Bennet will be there signing books as well. So it doesn't get much better than that!

And last but not least, I've got a book signing on June 11th at Barnes and Noble in Sandy! And that one I still have absolutely no idea what time it's at. Because I'm a terrible author.

But the Sandy signing will have tons of authors! So you don't have to be bored with just me and my awkwardness!

So we have lots of opportunities to hang out, eat candy, and talk about... well... probably Star Wars Clone Wars/Rebels or Korean Dramas because those are my two obsessions (outside of Parrish) at the moment. So I'll never shut up about how Obi Wan and Ventress should have ended up together. Good luck changing my mind :)

I hope to see you guys at some of these little shindigs. I promise to be entertaining! Whether it's on purpose or just because I don't know how to human. It'll be epic!

And then I'll go home and pass out.

Until Next time!

Oh.... PS... Here's a Jefferson Parrish (Mika) picture... for the road :)
You're welcome :)

Monday, April 11, 2016

Shannen, why do your books suddenly cost $1,000?

Dear Readers,

As many of you have been asking, I'm here to let you know why a number of my books suddenly cost $1,000 and are listed as "out of print" :)

I'm not a price gouger and I'm not giving up on being a writer. Quite the opposite actually! I wanted to hold off on this news until things got closer, but now that I've seen a certain GORGEOUS cover, I can't contain it anymore.

Because I love my book babies. And want to share them with the world. Like... I love my book babies an unhealthy amount.

First up, Parrish:

"Parrish", which was previously self-published, has been picked up by Future House Publishing, for the series! So the first book in the series (Parrish) will be re-released at the end of this month! And let me tell you something, the cover is the most beautiful piece of fantastic art ever! I can't wait to share it with you guys :) So because it's being re-released, it's currently showing on Amazon as "out of print" which, for some odd reason, makes Amazon think people will pay a crazy amount of money for it :) But never fear! Parrish will return soon with some new GIANT plot twists. Mainly, for all you people who were wondering who sent the letters and I said "wait until book two!". Guess what, you don't have to wait until book 2 anymore! It's now revealed in book 1. Along with a very pivotal reveal about one of the characters that I'd originally saved for book 2. So there you go. New reveals and twists and a fancy new cover that I'm seriously dying to show you guys!

Second, The Sugar Coated Trilogy, and Under Zenith:

So you may have also noticed that suddenly the entire Sugar Coated Trilogy and Under Zenith are out of print as well. This is because I've gotten the rights back to those books from my previous publisher. They were good to me and we had some good times together, but it was time to take these books in a different direction. With Under Zenith, a lot of you have been asking when the second book will come out. Time for me to get super boring and technical. Because of the reversion of rights, the soonest Under Zenith can be re-released is June, which means the soonest I'll release the second book is June. Because we HAVE to see what happens to Golden Boy Temple and The Hick. And Jefferson Parrish may or may not show up in this book. And I love these characters way too much.

And while the same goes for The Sugar Coated Trilogy, those three books may not actually become available in June because they're currently being looked at by another publisher. It's possible nothing will come of it, and if that's the case, you can expect The Sugar Coated Trilogy to re-emerge in all it's sugary glory with brand new covers and the same weird sugar addiction :)

Wow this is the longest, most boring blog post ever! It's because it's all so technical and legal and all that jazz. But if you take away nothing else, just know that there's a very good reason so many of my books went out of print all at once.

My favorite, awesome, lovely Future House Publishing is re-releasing Parrish at the end of this month! Under Zenith and the much anticipate sequel Beyond Lyra will more-than-likely be available in June! And The Sugar Coated Trilogy may be finding a new home soon! So these books will be available again soon and things WILL get better :)

So rest easy, readers! Fancy new covers for all the things are coming your way! Parrish has gotten a face-lift with some HUGE new reveals at the end! And all is well in the world of Shannen's obsession with writing :)

Can't wait to show you guys the new Parrish cover! Seriously though. It's gorgeous. Like, I can't even handle it.

Also, on a sort of unrelated note. If any of you have watched "The Goldbergs" (AKA today's gif inspiration for the blog) can we all just take a minute to agree that if Beverly Goldberg were Jefferson Parrish's mother, it would be the most awesome but unhealthily clingy mother-son relationship of all time?

I mean, they basically said the exact same thing!

"If you'd let me put cameras in your room while you sleep, Sadie, I would't have to worry about you."

Until Next Time!


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My 2016 Salt Lake Fan X Vlog!

Enjoy. It's full of me being a dork. As per usual :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

All the panels and all the conventions!

Hello people of the internet! Oh how I've missed you....

Except that I haven't been gone...

I've just been lazy with the blog in favor of spending hours on Tumblr looking at "Ahsoka and Anakin" gifs under the pretense of "research" for a book.

Which is why, in true Shannen form, today's blog will come to you in words and assorted Star Wars gifs.


So I'll be attending a few conventions in the not too distant future and you can come see me on panels! Which means public humiliation and awkwardness in droves! Because, as previously stated, I get super hyper when around large groups of people (it's my mind's backwards way of coping with introvert overload) and I usually say dumb things.

You too can enjoy "Awkward Shannen Moments" live and in person in the following places!

I shall be attending LTUE this year for my very first time ever! Which, really, I don't know why it's taken me SO long to go to this conference since it's named after one of my favorite books! Or... you know... a line from one of my favorite books! Wait... isn't it? Did Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy not originate this?


I'm not sure how I managed to weasel my way into this convention when I haven't ever attended before, but don't tell anyone I'm an imposter or they'll kick me off my panels!

More than likely you'll be able to find me because I'll be the one who looks totally and absolutely LOST.

BUT, I'm just super excited to attend for my first time ever!

So look for me on my three panels: "Third Person POV", "Diversity in Gaming", and "Current Sci-fi/Fantasy TV Roundup".

Because why would I not want to talk about writing, gaming, AND TV? It's like my three favorite things ever!

So come and see me at LTUE next week! Either you'll learn something awesome or you'll watch me make a fool of myself, so either way, a good time will be had by all!


We have,

Comic Con Fan X!

Look at that! They gave me a fancy little graphic and everything! I feel so legit! I love you, SLC Comic Con.

Now, if you know me at all, you know that Comic Con is my favorite time of year (and it happens TWICE! How awesome is that?). I have an excuse to dress up in costumes and interact with people who love nerd stuff as much as me! It's basically the best thing ever!

And this year is no exception. I attempted to start my costume a few weeks ago. But that ended about like this.

There was an incident with a bad pattern and a broken bobbin and too-tight-tension on my sewing machine. Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

But never fear! Because I WILL be at Fan X this year, and I WILL be on panels, and I WILL be in costume! As Ahsoka Tano. And I'll hope to run into an Anakin so we can be sassy together and roll our eyes at everyone. Because that's what Anakin and Ahsoka do best.

But costume aside, I'll be at Fan X in March on panels AND at the Future House Publishing booth. So look for the orange girl with lightsabers when you're strolling the rows and stop by the Future House booth to find Pwned and a bunch of other awesome books by awesome authors! Plus Future House has a book bot... so it doesn't really get much better than that.

I'm not positive what panels I'll be on yet, but just know that this is happening. Public humiliation while dressed like Ahsoka Tano is going to happen, people!

So stay tuned for an awkward vlog of my time at Fan X, because that will happen, and come see me at LTUE and Comic Con Fan X! I promise to give you your fill of embarrassing moments on my behalf!

Until Next Time!


BONUS GIF (Even though it's Man From U.N.C.L.E. and not Star Wars. But it's SO cute).