Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Rose Tinted" cover reveal!

We've only got a month and a day (yep. I'm counting that day!) until the release of "Rose Tinted"! Are you guys excited? Because I sure am :) But also slightly nervous for the hate mail I know I'll receive for one or two things that will be happening. That being said, once you read it don't spoil it for anyone! I don't want to take away that moment of "I hate you Shannen!" The best thing ever was the day that Code Name: Sparkle Pony read "Rose Tinted" at work and stormed out of the office in a fit of rage over... something :) And I just can't wait for more of that! Oh the joy!

Now, before we actually reveal the cover (let's face it. No one is reading this, you guys just scrolled right down to the cover) here's a little refresher of the first gorgeous cover Rue Volley designed and Trent Davis shot! Again I can't ever thank the beautiful Andrea Fullmer enough for modelling for "Sugar Coated". She just IS Brynn. It's crazy. So here's that beauty:

And now

Drum roll please


"Rose Tinted" in all it's awesome, epic glory!!! Thank you to Rue Volley for the gorgeous-ness that is this cover! And in case you're wondering, that's Rusty on the cover... who you don't know yet... but you'll love... or hate. She's a little awkward :)

If you haven't already done so, go add the book to your shelf on Goodreads!

Also for all the latest propaganda news from Halcyon, go check out the Halcyon Happiness Committee Blog, Facebook, and Twitter!

Friday, April 4, 2014

The End of Feeling by Cindy C Bennett

Let me start off this post by saying I was lucky enough to read an ARC of "The End of Feeling" and seriously? SO amazing! It got me right in the feels! I then scolded Cindy for making me cry, but don't worry, we're still friends. So you should definitely give this book a read. It's beautiful and poignant and cathartic in the best possible way. Gorgeous story!

Now available: Cindy C Bennett's The End of Feeling

After missed deadlines and pushed-back release dates, it's finally here!

Benjamin Nefer seems to have it all. He’s the most popular
guy in school, the star quarterback with college scouts looking at him, his
grades are near the top of his class, he can get any girl he wants . . . but he
hides behind his dream life to mask the nightmare of his reality.

Charlie Austin is the new girl. Forced to move in with a
bitter aunt, she only wants to protect her fragile mom from the world’s
cruelty. When Benjamin sets his sights on Charlie, she’s armored against his
charm—friends warned her about Benjamin’s game of pursuing and then dumping a
long line of girls, not caring about the broken hearts he leaves behind. She
doesn’t count on how single-minded he can be when she refuses him, or how
charismatic, easing into her life through what he claims is just friendship.

Benjamin thought he could keep Charlie in the same place he
keeps all girls—something to be used and then discarded. But Charlie has as
many secrets as he does, secrets he’s determined to discover while keeping his
own hidden. He realizes she’s the perfect girlfriend candidate . . . someone he
can use to keep up the fa├žade of a perfect life. Now he just has to keep his
frozen heart from softening toward this unique girl, because if he doesn’t, his
carefully constructed lies might just come thundering down around him, crushing
him beneath the burden of feeling.

Get your copy today at:

Barnes & Noble

Proud to be a part of Amazon's Kindle Matchbook - Purchase the paperback, get the Kindle version free!

Here's what's being said about The End of Feeling

The End of Feeling is a
story that will stay with you long after you finish reading it. Haunting,
heartbreaking, in other words, another winner for Bennett!
~ Sherry Gammon, author of Unlovable

From the moment I picked it up, my heart was warmed, melted,
broken, and pieced back together again. A beautiful story that will leave you
aching long after the last page.
~ Jamie Canosa, author of Falling
to Pieces

tale of hope and love about a couple of teens who have every reason to believe
in neither. It's raw and real, but leaves us believing in the power of
~ Juli Caldwell, author of Psyched

The reality both characters live makes their story
captivatingly unique, and emotionally powerful. . . Demonstrates the beautiful
truth that two people can learn to be true to themselves, no matter
what—especially while falling in love. 
~ Heather Frost, author of The Seers trilogy

The struggles in this story bring to light the
fact that beauty and truly miraculous things can be found in the everyday, and
that the most important thing any one of us can possess, is love.

Once again Cindy C Bennett's incredible talent
shines through yet another masterpiece . . . a triumphant story of love,
compassion and human strength.

Bennett brilliantly weaves the fears and trepidation of two
teens treading the hazards of acceptance, young love, and. Curl up with this
story and enjoy the ride—it's terrific.

Learn more at Cindy C Bennett's blog.

Visit The End of Feeling blog to read the full reviews.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Things to expect from "Rose Tinted" in (yep, you guessed it) gifs

People still thinking Brynn is crazy, even though she's ALWAYS right

Ty putting Brynn before himself even when it gets him hurt (and he gets no recognition for it)

Jonah being an excited and funny little cupcake :)

A new character named Rusty who's an awkward genius

And more of Eris being the creepiest 'person' alive

(Please note that there is no gif creepy enough to portray this)

Monday, March 17, 2014

I've stayed well dressed and kept my big mouth shut

Ten friendship dollars if you can tell me what song that blog post title is from.

It may or may not be from the best band to ever walk the planet (other than Lights... who is tied with them).

Now on to real things.

I have a release date for "Rose Tinted"!!!

So remember that one time I wrote a book called "Sugar Coated", and you guys read it. And everything seemed fine and dandy until like the last twenty pages of the book? And then you all hated me and were left like this?

That's going to happen again... except this time with "Rose Tinted". I'm sorry. I am so sorry. But not really because I can't wait to leave you all hanging! Bwahahahahaha! It's one of the perks of being an author.

What was this post about again? Oh right! The release date.

So now that none of you want to read "Rose Tinted" because you'll hate me for things, the release date is

MAY 17th!

So there you have it! Yay for a "Rose Tinted" release date! And I can't wait to show you the cover... which doesn't exist yet. So really, I can't wait to see the cover myself!

Now, onto the next bit of business.

Some exciting news in store for "Pwned"! I'll be joining up with some other awesome authors who also wrote a bunch of nerdy gamer books to do an e-book bundle! It'll have a limited run of only a few months, but still. Pretty awesome to meet a bunch of fellow nerd writers and let our nerd powers explode all over the internet! So keep an eye out for that! I'll keep you all posted :)

And lastly, you may have noticed me leaving all sorts of creepy book excerpts around the internets (yes... multiple internets... because I'm just that thorough). This is from a book I'm writing called "Parrish", and while that doesn't mean anything to you guys right now, I just had to share my beautifully creepy new character Jefferson Parrish with his super unsettling head tilt and Tim Burton-y clothes. Because as Code Name: Sparkle Pony once said, "Creepy is the new Cute". And I couldn't agree with her more.

It's about ghost hunters. And I'm so excited. And here's one more creepy cute little gif I'll leave you with! Look at that hair... and those cheek bones.

Okay that's all I swear.

Look out for "Rose Tinted", and pictures of my sad face after I don't win the Whitney for "Chasing June", and the pictures of my happy face that I got to stalk Mindy Holt at the award ceremony anyway and got to eat food and wear a pretty dress, annnnnnd look out for Parrish. Because it'll be here before you know it :)

Until next time,


Sunday, February 23, 2014

I'm sorry, who was going to win that round?

This is what I imagine happens every time Reagan beats Parker at a video game.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's go time


Yep, in case you couldn't tell from my nonstop Facebook posting/Tweeting/Instagraming/Tumbling(? Is that what you call the act of posting to Tumblr?) Under Zenith is finally out!

I'm going to give you three reasons to go get it right now (besides the obvious reasons like I love this story and I want to share it with you guys!)

Here are the three reasons.

This book is

A bunch of crazy random dreamscapes

Meets "Nashville"

Meets "Vampire Diaries"


There are your reasons.

See you at the launch party!

Here's where you can pick up your e-copy of Under Zenith (print is coming in a few weeks!)

Until next time,


Saturday, February 8, 2014

My year so far in gifs

It's only February but I already feel like this year is full of stuff.

Lots and lots of stuff.

And I don't want to write the world's longest, most boring, blog post. Because as odd as it is (since I'm a writer), I truly do not like writing blog posts. Can you tell? I always try to find a way around it by doing video blogs or blogs full of pictures instead.

So today, here's all the STUFF from this year so far. In gifs.

First. The Twitter Incident.

So my friend who we'll call Sparkle Pony (that's her super secret code name), decided to do an awful thing and get me hooked on a TV show literally a few weeks before the release of "Under Zenith". Now that wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have things to do. You know... like actually promoting the release.

Anyway, as I was watching this show and saw Ian Somerhalder suddenly I realized he should definitely be Hayden in Under Zenith.

So because I have no self-control, I tweeted that I was mentally re-casting Under Zenith with @IanSomerhalder.

Yep. I tagged him.

So then someone who was actually ON Vampire Diaries started following me on Twitter, probably thinking I was actually casting something with Ian Somerhalder in it. And I may or may not have just let them think that.

Of course, it didn't take them long to realize I was just some no name writer who spends all of her time chained to her computer. So they Twitter dumped me via hitting that big "unfollow" button. And I pretended not to notice.

And that was my 3 days of almost knowing someone on Vampire Diaries.

Second. The Nomination.

As none of you probably know (because I never announced it on social media for fear a murderer would know I was alone and come kill me) The Husband was out of town for a week! Leaving me by myself mid-Vampire Diaries obsession. REALLY bad idea.

But in that time, when I wasn't watching The Show instead of writing, I had friends over. This is a good thing. Except for when big things happen online and you don't check your Facebook or e-mails for like 3 days.

Because then once the friends leave I do what I normally do at home by myself.

And then I FINALLY check my mail and five people have e-mailed me saying "Chasing June" is a finalist in the Whitney Awards and I missed the whole "Hey I got nominated!" party that the other finalists had on Twitter!

And because I missed it, I start thinking maybe I'm not really a finalist and people are just nutso.

Luckily, I checked the website and it's not a lie! "Chasing June" is totally a finalist in the Whitney Awards! So yeah. I'm pretty amazingly happy that I get to wear a fancy dress again and stalk other authors and just generally be way too excited about the whole thing!

"Chasing June" FOR THE WIN!

Third. Writing, promoting, and not being the world's biggest slacker.

"Under Zenith" comes out in three days (on February 11th!).

Let me repeat that.


And what have I done to promote it?

Okay, admittedly I've done a lot the past few days. But that doesn't really help much when I should have been promoting all along.

But here's the thing. I LOVE to write. I don't love promoting quite as much.

When people tell me promotion is part of being a successful author I give them this look (because I know they're right and I hate it).

I feel weird talking about myself and being like "GUYS BEST BOOK EVER RIGHT HERE GO BUY IT!!!!!!"

But you kind of have to do that if you want anyone to read your stories so that you can keep writing them.

So every time I sat down to promote "Under Zenith" and not let my publisher down immensely, I'd be really pumped and ready to go.

And then I'd check my Facebook.

And my Twitter.

And Youtube.

And I was surrounded by distractions I just couldn't get rid of!

And now my book comes out in three days and I'm starting to be really worried that no one even knows what in the world it is.

But hopefully this blog post will let you know that, in fact, you HAVE to read it. Because as much as I hate self-promotion, I LOVE this book. And I loved writing it so much that I seriously racked my brain to figure out a way to write a sequel (which luckily has happened).

So PLEASE check it out when it comes out on the 11th. Because I love it. And I'm awful at promotion. But it's still a really fun book!

And if it actually does well on launch day, then I can look at that pesky distraction I call the internet and say

Until Next Time,