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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Wonderful World of Writing

I've noticed, much to my horror, that I've completely abandon my blog for... well... let's not count how long it's been. The point is that I have returned and will now update often on the status of my books! So in a very brief game of catch-up, here's what's going on with my various books.

"It's Not You, It's Me": I've finished the millions of edits, rewrites, and alterations that have gone into this manuscript since I wrote it almost three years ago. I've been sending it out to literary agents and publishing houses alike. Hopefully it'll get picked up by a publishing house soon and will be available for purchase. Keep checking back for news on that!

"Robin's Flight": This book has been a bit trickier for me than INYIM. Because it's needed some major tweaking it's been taking me longer to finish the final revision. Lately I've been focusing all of my efforts on getting "It's Not You, It's Me" up to par for agents and publishing houses and so "Robin's Flight" has taken a bit of a back seat. I'm about half way through a major edit of the book and once that's done it should be pretty close to being ready for the great and terrible day of sending it out to every literary agent and publishing house in New York.

"Pwnd": I've been spending quite a bit of time doing research for this book... I know that sounds like code for "I've been playing video games to get me in the mood to write this book" but I have been doing legitimate, good research... although most of that involves interviewing people who spend most of their time playing video games so maybe there isn't really that big of a difference. I've plotted out the entire book and have written about half of it. After I get "Robin's Flight" ready to send out I'll finish writing this book and start on the ever wonderful process of editing.

"Delayed": Of all of my manuscripts, I'd have to say "Delayed" is my least finished. Though I've written more of this book than I have "Pwnd", one of my characters in "Delayed" just seems to be giving me trouble and I can't seem to keep him under control. As a result I've been working on my other projects and leaving this one for last, hoping that a step back and some fresh perspective will help me to get this character to act the way I want him to. I'll be working on finishing this manuscript as soon as "Pwnd" goes through its major editing process.

I've got two other untitled manuscripts that I'm working on, but as those have only been plotted out and not actually written I'll leave them a mystery for now.

Are you intrigued?

Keep checking back for updates and I'll try not to let years pass without post from now on!