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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Epic announcement

Hey friends!

So something pretty exciting has happened in my world over here.

Have you noticed how "Sugar Coated" has been done for FOREVER but all of these other books I've written have come out first? Well that's all about to change because all three of the books in my Sugar Coated Trilogy have been signed by CHBB Publishing!

I'm so excited to be working with them and join their family. Just in the few days I've been exposed to their authors and team of publishers people have been really nice and quirky enough to make me feel right at home. To say they're a close knit bunch would be an understatement.

"Sugar Coated" is set to be released late summer/early fall so keep checking back for updates, events, and giveaways!

I can't wait for you guys to read this one.


It's pretty epic.

And just to remind you what it's about, here's a synopsis!

An unhealthy addiction to sugar cubes, a deep-seated fear of water, and universal luxury—they were the simple things that made up 18-year-old Brynn's Utopian existence. Why, then, was her perfect life also plagued with unanswered questions?

Like every other resident of the planet Halcyon, Brynn's home provided everything she needed, money was unheard of, and life was perfect. But unlike the rest of Seaside's residents, Brynn had questions. Why couldn't people leave the city? Why did the ocean fill everyone with terror? Who were the Workers? Not only was Brynn curious where others were compliant, but she suffered from chronic nightmares of an angelic woman torturing her for information she didn’t possess. These were more than just figments of her imagination, though; they were memories of things that never happened.

When Brynn meets Jonah, a brilliant, library-dwelling boy who shares her questions and her curiosity, they formulate a plan to find answers. Somewhere, the perfect veneer of Halcyon's instant gratification hid a city that only Brynn knows about—a city she and Jonah are determined to find. But will finding the city give them answers, or simply uncover the horrific truth behind the perfection?

Until next time :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Video blog 5: Live (sort of) from the 2012 Whitney Awards!

Hello friends!

I know how much you love my terrible video blogs so here's another one! Now you get to hear all about the Whitney Awards with a stunning lack of actual footage from the ceremony. It's not my fault... it was quiet and my camera made WAY too much noise when I turned it on.

And I have to add (because I forgot to say it in the video blog) my favorite part of the night was when the woman sitting at my table asked what caterogy I was in. I told her "Young Adult General" and she saw I was up against Lisa Mangum and went, "Oh...." and made a face. It was pretty much how I felt about being in a category with her. :) Her name pretty much meant I was just there for the food and to clap as she accepted her award because she's awesome and writes killer books. Killer as in good... not killer as in murder mystery.


Just watch the dang video :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Game glitches and the spaces between zones

It's no secret that I'm a huge nerd. I guess when you write a book about gamers that becomes a self-evident truth. Luckily, thanks to modern medicine, Lights, and some mild brainwashing, being a nerd has become acceptable and I no longer have to hide this fact... Okay... let's be honest. I never hid it to begin with. But still, it would make for much better drama if I had.

That being said don't forget that Pwned is out and you should recommend it to all your gamer/nerd/geek friends because I really want to bond with my fellow nerds. Here are links:

Barnes and Noble

And back to business.

How do you like the blog reboot eh? I know... it's a lot of pink and sparkles. But you'll get used to it.

My good friend Dion has this podcast called "Warcraft Less Traveled" that's pretty much epic. Obviously if you don't play WoW (I am taking a brief hiatus from WoW while I explore Guild Wars 2 and make characters with pretty outfits :D )you might not get the podcast. That being said, if you're a WoW nerd like me, I suggest checking it out! A lot of the earlier episodes are now wiped away by the cataclysm of course, but they're still interesting to listen to.

Not to brag or anything but I totally visited all (but one) of the places mentioned in the early pre-cataclysm podcasts. Yeah. I'm cool. The only one I missed was the Karazahn Crypts... this is relevant later.

So, I have a little challenege for you guys... I hid TWO references to Dion's podcast "Warcraft Less Traveled" in my book "Pwned". Can you find them?

This will be the first little challenege in my Easter Egg hunt... you know... not actual easter eggs... oh never mind.

So go! Try to find the Wow Less Traveled references in "Pwned"! and once someone is successful, I'll tell you about another little nerd reference I hid :)

Trust me... there are tons.

Until next time,

here's Lights to sign you off.