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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Online File Saving FTW?

Leave it to me to always use things practically. At work my friends were always talking about Pinterest and how great it was and I was thinking "Yeah it is pretty nice that you can have an online file to save your pictures in instead of taking up space on your computer huh?"

Why was I thinking that? You may be asking yourself.

Because that's what I thought Pinterest was. Yep. I saw the amazing website and thought, "Awesome! Online file saving FTW!".

It's a pretty embarrassing thing to admit now that I know you can look things up on Pinterest and get ideas from it. But the good thing that came from this misunderstanding is I have a whole online database of my own personal cast for my books! As well as some spoiler-filled board where I keep things while I'm actually writing a book. I like having a visual aid for things I'm describing so if you guys are ever in need of some similar visual aids, might I suggest checking out my Book Cast and #Amwriting board?

Happy Accident right?

Until next time,