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Monday, April 2, 2012

Sugar Coated

Lovely picture taken by Shadarium

Well I've done it. I've finished my first draft of my Dystopian novel "Sugar Coated".

I'm still ages away from it being completed since I have to re-read it and make sure I didn't change my character's eye colors half way through (like I did with pretty much EVERYONE in "The Breakup Artist") and make sure that I actually made sense. Then it's time for a billion people to read over it and find my MANY typos and then.... Drum roll please... it's time to slowly wear down every literary agent in New York until their resistance is weakened and they have to accept my book :)

That's about how the process goes.

But I figure now that I've written the book I can tell you a bit about it... butttttt I can't give anything away. So that's a problem. Let's see, what can I say without alluding to the fifteen billion twists in the book?

Well, I can tell you that It's a dystopian Young Adult novel set in the future on a plant called Halcyon. It's about a girl named Brynn who feels like maybe a society where everything is given to you in the blink of an eye isn't such a good thing. And it's about some creepy purple eyed Angels that Brynn can't seem to stop dreaming about.

It has misinformation, fear of water, too much technology and too much leisure time, not to mention the ominous feeling that the utiopian society you live in may not be as perfect as you first believed.

So what does all of this mean? It means this book will be full of action, danger, romance, conspiracy theories, and a computer named Charlie who I absolutely love.

Hopefully the grueling editing and agent wearing down process won't take too long so that you can read it for yourself since, as stated above, there are too many twists to really explain much. I guess I'd better figure out a better pitch for my book than that huh?

All in good time!

Now, despite the danger of being sued for continually putting pictures up on my blog that I find on Google images, here are some things that remind me of "Sugar Coated".

Anyone who knows me knows all about my Emily Browning obsession so of course my main character Brynn would be based on her.

Pretty much any picture of Tron reminds me of my book. Let's just say there's lots of neon lights and creepy women :)

And last but not least, this woman's hair was the inspiration for the extremely creepy Eris, who you'd never want to meet in a dark alley... though she wouldn't be caught dead in a dark alley anyway. You'd never want to meet her in a bright white sterile hospital room full of implements of torture. How's that?

The series will be three books long and the title of book two is "Rose Tinted" though to talk about that particular plot would require revealing all of the things that happen in book one.

So no plot for you!

Until next time!