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Monday, January 20, 2014

New Year's Fail... and a Blog Tour!

Yep. Didn't I predict the New Year's resolution to blog once a week would fail?

I think I might be psychic... but don't tell anyone!

Anyway, better late than never right? (Also it's not my fault because my friend Ashlee got me addicted to an embarrassing TV show, which will remain nameless, and it's completely consumed all of my time!)

So, "Under Zenith" will be here in less than a month and I've joined forces with the lovely ladies of The Merp Squad to put together a blog tour! The tour runs February 11th (the release day for UZ) through the 22nd. So if you're interested in joining up, just click here. It should be a good time!

Plus they made this totally gorgeous tour banner for me!

Also, on a totally unrelated note, this new awful obsession with an embarrassing TV show is making me want to recast Hayden from "Under Zenith" from one TV crush (a certain Killian Jones) to this guy, who shall also remain nameless... although, if you watch the show, you now know what I'm suddenly obsessed with.

Don't judge me.

So on that note, I'll leave you with a picture of the other "Hayden" (he's got the Hayden brood down) and try to be better about blogging in the future!

Until Next Time,


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year's Revolution

Yep. I stole that blog title from the cute commercials for.. um... actually I don't even know what they're selling. I just know the kids are cute. No joke. I asked The Husband what the commercials were for so I could post it here and we had to have a serious mental powow to figure it out. (The Husband finally remembered!)

So, back to business.

Among many other resolutions that I probably won't be keeping this year, I'm going to try to blog at least once a week... wait... once every two weeks? Ugh. I'm an awful blogger you guys. Even when I've got books and things coming out I can't do it.

Here's how it goes.

Me: "Hey "The Husband", I'm going to go do book stuff for a bit! I'm even going to blog!"

The Husband: "Okay. I'll be doing the dishes and being wonderful." (A lot of times that really does happen. Hence why he's THE Husband).

Me: "Well, I have to get on Facebook so I can market. Oh my GOSH! Look at those cats trying to squeeze into bowls! Who posted this? Wait, how did I get on Youtube? Is that a Captain Swan fan video? Yes please! Oooo with a link to Tumblr? Oh that reminds me, I need to send Ashlee this Captain Swan gif. That means I need to get on Hotmail. Hey look there's a new e-mail about...."


That's how my "Marketing" goes. Which is why blog posts usually go out the window, because by the time I've finally exhausted the internet's cat videos and Captain Swan tributes, I need to go to bed and my blog is still just sitting there on an open tab. Who am I kidding? I only opened the tab in the first place to pretend I was going to blog.

But all of that is about to change!

Want to know why?

Because you guys will make me post! Okay. That's a lie. But still. It sounded good.

But really. I'm going to try to be better about keeping up with this blog. Especially because my favorite book I've ever written in the history of all the books I've ever written is coming out in a month!

I know it's probably poor author etiquette to have a "favorite" book but I don't care. This one is my favorite. Just don't tell the others.

Plus I may have hidden "Pwned" and "The Breakup Artist" Easter Eggs in this one. So be ready for that!

And be ready for some serious dysfunctional "relationships".

Go check out the Goodreads page here!

And check back for updates (that I'm actually going to post) about the launch party and other fun things!

Until next time,