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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It was Love

I'm writing right now... literally... at this very moment. Although I guess that's obvious since I'm writing this blog post. What I mean is, I'm writing this book I've been working on the past few months right now (Before and after writing this blog... and in my head while writing this blog). And while writing I came to a realization. The love interests I've developed for June, all 48342 of them (OK there's actually only 3), must seem schizophrenic. One page they're so lovable and charming and the next they're whiny, clingy, and awful. I think when you read this new book (assuming it gets published... though if it doesn't I'll just publish it myself I suppose... but let's not get into that now) you'll definitely be able to tell when I'm annoyed with a love interest. Daily I change my mind on who I actually want June to end up with so every few pages her love interests change their personalities a bit. It's probably very distracting to read. For example, when I was writing yesterday I was thinking "Man, Joseph is being such a whiny baby in this book. No one's going to want her to end up with him." And today I'm thinking "Isn't Joseph so charming? I need to write a cute scene for him. He's just so sweet." So what it really comes down to is that I'm the one with far too many personalities and my poor characters are the ones getting the blame for it. So June... and your many love interests, I'm sorry. Just pretend you're very dynamic characters with layered personalities.

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