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Monday, November 7, 2011

Contests all over the place!

Ok... I realize that I'm the queen of misleading blog titles. When I say "all over the place" I actually mean just two contests at the moment. But there is a promise of more ways to win my book to come! Also, nothing has been solidly pinned down yet, I've got my agent working on it (though I use the term 'agent' loosely here because I'm referring to my friend Andrew Devey who is acting as my agent at the moment) but there's possibly a book launch party and book signing in our near future. Near future, here most closely meaning December 10th and 17th.

Location is TBA much like the Bluth family's fundraising cause.

Now, back to these contests I was speaking of. The first is a Goodreads contest! That's right folks, all you have to do is click "Enter To Win". How simple is that? Look! I'll even provide a link for you! The only way this could possibly be easier is if I came over to your house and clicked the button for you... which I am willing to do upon request... sort of.

Annnd the second contest is a Facebook page contest. This one is just as easy as the first! Simply 'like' The Breakup Artist's facebook page and you'll automatically be entered to win!

Simple simple simple.

Now keep in mind that both of these contests end the day before my book comes out! So get yourself clicking before December 7th or you're out of luck Sis! Until I have another contest that is. So you're more depleted in luck than anything else.

Also, check out the 'events' tab on the site. It's now actually got events on it! Sort of. It has tentative dates at least! And contests! So if you're ever sitting at home thinking "Hmm I wonder if there's some way to get a free copy of Shannen's book." Look no further than the events tab my friends!

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