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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The problem with being an author who's easily distrac--- does that shirt say Aperture Science???

I've already whined incessantly about how I work too much to have time for writing (though the alternative is living on the street eating nothing but old saltines so I'm fine with the working thing, especially since I'm surrounded by cute baby pictures all day) so I'll stop harping on that. But the problem with that whole situation is that when I get home from work (and I've been spending all day thinking of different things to write) I'm so tired that I just want to relax and writing can seem like a daunting task.

Not such an unusual situation I'm sure.

So why are you writing this blog Shannen? You may be asking yourself... or... I guess you'd be asking me since you just addressed me. Well, since you asked I'll tell you where it gets tricky.

See these little guys?

And her?

And them?

They're all awesome. And that's a problem. I happen to be VERY easy to distract. I also happen to love video games and puzzles... so what happens when I learn about a video game that's all about puzzles?

Bad things.

That's what.

My free time after work that I should spend writing, I start spending trying to decide if GLaDOS and Wheatly are my friends or not, all the while solving puzzles and internally yelling at myself for neglecting June's sequel and Regan's entire story that you guys don't even know about!


No wait... epic fail.

So what's the solution?

Any ideas faithful readers? I mean, besides the obvious 'stop playing video games you big nerd' answer?

Until next time,


Oh and just in case you can't figure out a solution to my little dilemma, just watch this instead :)


  1. You're so funny.

    I think different things are priorities at different times. No special tricks, lol.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You should totally give me your Steam profile name one of these days so we can play Co-op mode together!!

    Oh're trying to avoid being distracted from the awesomeness that is Portal....Umm....Don't think I have much advice on that one...*runs off to play Skyward Sword*

  4. Kathy you're like the devil's advocate over there! Not helping! Maybe this will though:
    "This. Sentence. Is. False.... don't think about it!"