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Monday, December 3, 2012

Nailing down a release date, Danny Ocean style.

Here we go guys. Are you ready for the madness of releasing another book? Because I'm sure not. Now here's the thing. This is kind of a sloppy release... we'll just say I've watched "Ocean's 13" a few too many times and now I want a Soft soft open before letting a bunch of grifters into my hotel/casino.

In other words (because really that was a horrible example) "Finding June" will not be released on all available platforms at the same time. Why? Do you ask... well... honestly it's pretty much just because I overestimated/underestimated how long certain platforms take and so now the release is going to be scattered all over the place. I'm nothing if not unprofessional.

So right now, at this very moment, it's available to purchase as an e-book on a site called Smashwords, which can be found here.

In the next day or so it should be available on Kindle and Nook and the second it is I'll be posting another incoherent blog post to let you all know!

THEN, hopefully in the next week or so it'll be available to purchase as a paperback on Amazon. Again, I'll annoy you with a blog post detailing this lovely semi-release once it's up and running!

In the meantime, guess who has a giveaway contest going on? Yep, me! So go enter the Goodreads giveaway and keep checking back for more info on the actual release date, other giveaways, and... well... with me who really knows what.


    Goodreads Book Giveaway


        Finding June by Shannen Crane Camp



          Finding June


          by Shannen Crane Camp


            Giveaway ends December 20, 2012.

            See the giveaway details
            at Goodreads.




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  1. Came over from Jolene Perry's blog. Best of luck on your release. I can't imagine handling the headaches of the tech stuff!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! The tech stuff is a pain but it pays off in the end :)

  3. Your books look beyond amazing! I stopped in from Jolene's blog and I'm super excited when she shares a book she's devoured! I need to tackle these so I can share them on my blog, Unedited!

    Oh the hassle of getting our books in the world! You'd think they'd have it down by now but it's always tough to figure out. I'm on the computer more than eight hours a day and I'm not anywhere near pro status for technical stuff in the online world!

  4. Oooo Jen I'd love if you shared them on your blog! And I totally understand what you mean! I consider myself a pretty tech savvy person but when i comes to publishing I'm completely lost :) Good thing I have Jolene to help right?