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Monday, June 10, 2013

Sugar Coated release date!

Guess what! Okay fine... I'm assuming you already know what I'm going to say from the title of this blog post. Still, will you just act surprised?

Hey gang! Guess what? I have a release date for "Sugar Coated"!!! My lovely publisher CHBB has set the first book in the trilogy to come out on.....

*Drum roll*

September 6th 2013!

(Somewhere in the world there's a rule that says you can't bold, underline, AND italicize a text all at once. But I say, "Watch me!")

That's right! "Sugar Coated" will be here long before Christmas just waiting to be placed on your bookshelf. The book needs a home. It wants to go home with you! You wouldn't deny this book a home now would you?

Also, here's a link to the Goodreads page (sans cover at the moment), so add it to your TBR list and tell your friends because really, I'm excited for you guys to read this one :) My little dystopian baby!

Keep checking back for the cover reveal, more info on the book, and some fun giveaways coming up pretty soon here! Not to mention the awkward video blogs I'll inevitably keep making.

Also this is a side note but "Pushing Daisies" might get a Kickstarter... you know... they might bring the pie maker back in all his glory. Don't worry guys. I'm on it!

Until next time!

<3 br=""> Shannen


  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! I cannot wait!! Going to be the best series in the world!!!!!

  2. I'm SO curious to see what they do with your cover...

    1. My brother and photographer friend were actually wanting to shoot a cover for me back before this one got picked up. The publisher said they /might/ use it... depending on how it turns out and if it fits well and that kind of thing. So that would be pretty awesome! If not, it'll be good for book trailer pictures lol. Either way, they'll be putting the final cover together with the text and everything. I can't wait to see it!