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Monday, August 12, 2013

"Sugar Coated" countdown blog #1

Hey friends!

So it's less than four weeks to the release of "Sugar Coated" on September 6th and I decided I'd do a blog post every week with a special little tidbit for you!

Which reminds me! On September 6th I'll be doing a launch party for "Sugar Coated" over at Facebook! So not only can you enjoy the launch party from the comfort of your own home, but you can win TONS of prizes! We've got e-books, posters, bookmarks, candles, some yummy sugar lip gloss, and lots more :) So drop by and participate in some of our games so you can win prizes! Here's the event!

Now on to some fun facts about "Sugar Coated" that you might not have known!

-- The entire plot for all three books was thought up on a three hour car trip from Idaho after the Superbowl two years ago :) I bounced ideas off of The Husband and wrote down the story arc for the trilogy on the margins of a phone book! Not exactly professional, but it worked.

-- I also have an unhealthy addiction to sugar so I wear sugar scented perfume just like my main character Brynn.

-- Originally the title of this book was "Deep Water" but I changed it soon after I began to write it. Once I named the first book "Sugar Coated", it wasn't difficult to name the other two books "Rose Tinted" and "Silver Lined" :)

-- I like writing characters who are slightly mentally unbalanced :) It makes them more unpredictable. So I figured the easiest way to do that was to give Brynn nightmares. I know better than anyone that lack of sleep can make you a little crazy.

-- In the first draft of this book I made SO many references to the earth (which I can't do since they aren't on earth). You have no idea how hard it is to not say "What on earth?"

-- Brynn's default outfit is one I own :)

-- Amber and Bennett (Brynn's friends), are based on my RL friends Amber and Whitney Bennett.

-- My niece's name is Brynn and her mother's name is Rachel... you won't know why that's significant until later :) But that isn't a spoiler. Don't worry.

-- And last but not least, Andrea Sue Fullmer, the girl who posed for the cover of the book, was actually 7 months pregnant when we shot the photos! Although you can't tell since she's so gorgeous! Here's a behind the scenes picture to prove it:

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