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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chasing June is on the way! December 14th!

It's getting so close guys! And I've completely neglected this release! Bad author!

That's a lot of exclamation points. We're going to avoid using those for the rest of this post.

So Chasing June is coming out! (Please disregard that exclamation point.)

December 14th people. That's the day you finally get to see what happens next with June. And I promise it's a little crazy and unexpected and might make you mad. But it might also make you really happy. Me? It makes me nostalgic :) And confused. All at once.

So coming up December 1st through the 7th we'll have the Chasing June blog tour, which I'll post more about soon! You know... once it's actually set up (I swear I'm in the process! I know. I've been a terrible author lately!)

Annnnnd I was thinking of doing another Facebook launch party since the one for Sugar Coated was so flippin awesome. Seriously. It was pure madness and chaos but I had so much fun and I think everyone else did too! So what do you think? Is another Facebook launch party in order?

Anyway, December 14th is the day!

I can't wait!

I also abandon my no-exclamation-point rule halfway through that post. Can you tell?



  1. Yes to the launch party. I also have an idea that I think would be fun. How about a launch party in the real world? To make it more fun, it could be themed to go along with the book. Since June likes to dress in vintage clothing, everyone could dress in their favorite vintage look. I think it would be way fun, but maybe that's just me.

    1. Oooo I LOVE that idea! I wish I had more time to put something like that together! Now I want to do that for the third book lol. I'll have to put it together earlier for the next one!