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Thursday, August 20, 2015

The wonders of the world are all here on display

10 Science Collaboration Points if you can name that band ^^^

Also, I'm slightly worried that in my attempt to smush the spam out of my life I may have disabled comments on my blog... so if it says you can't post a comment, just shoot me a Facebook message or something. Because knowing me, I would do something like that.

Anyway! On to books news galore!

2015 SLC Comic Con

I will be there! And I will be on panels. And it will be awkward. I tend to turn into a super hyper person when I get around tons of people (which is weird because I'm the world's biggest introvert) so my panels are usually all over the dang place. I don't have my panel schedule yet, but I should in the next few weeks and I'll post it for everyone!

I just know I'll be dressed as Rocket Raccoon.

And I'll be looking like a fool on panels, and I'm going to meet Felicia Freaking Day.



In case you missed that.

And of course, I'm going to give her a copy of Pwned since she helped inspire it with all of her girl gamer power. And it'll probably be a really awkward exchange, but I'm okay with that. Because even she says you're never weird on the internet (almost). And Comic Con is basically the internet.

Authorpalooza at Barnes and Noble!

I'll be signing books at Authorpalooza at Barnes and Noble on September 19th in Sandy! So come out and say hi and bask in the total and utter chaos that is Authorpalooza!

My second Authorpalooza is actually where I ended up meeting my critique group, and how can you not love a group of writers who wear wedding dresses to critique each other's pages?

Parrish release date!

Parrish... you know... the ghost story I've been telling you guys about for two years now? Yeah. That one. It'll be out September 28th! September is apparently a very busy month for me book-wise! I'm SO flippin excited for you guys to read this one. And I know I say that about every book, but this one especially, because I LOVE Jefferson Parrish and his totally creepy ghost hunter vibe. These books are the best because October is my favorite month and Halloween is my favorite holiday, and The Husband and I watch scary movies all month long, and creepy is the new cute. So read it and be creeped out with me :)

Keeping June release date and cover!

Keeping June (the last book in my June series) will be coming out December 19th. And I'm really sad about that. I mean, I'm happy you guys will get to read it, but I'm also super sad to not be writing anymore June books. June was my second book published and I've been working on these stories for years. It'll be really weird to not be writing or plotting a June book. And it sort of breaks my heart. Plus this last book is SO full of feels. So just be ready for that. So. Many. Feels.

I've got the beautiful cover from Jackie Hicken and will be doing a cover reveal soon! So stay tuned for that!

Beyond Lyra!

Beyond Lyra (the sequel to Under Zenith) will be coming out in February! Not sure of the actual day yet and I may move the date if some crazy thing comes up. But I already have the cover, which I will not be revealing for a while :) And I'll just tell you it's full of CRAZY stuff. But what else would you expect from these books?

And since I'm not showing you the cover yet, here's Hayla :)

Erasing Emily!

Erasing Emily is a book I've thought about writing for a long time. And I didn't mean to write it. But I sat down and it sort of wrote itself in record timing. SO it's done :)

It's no secret that Blake Sennett is sort of my music idol.

The Elected is my favorite band of all time, and every time I've met poor Blake Sennett I've gone total fangirl on him about how beautiful and profound his lyrics are and how much they mean to me. This poor guy is probably two seconds from getting a restraining order.

But that being said, because I listen to his music so much, I started to feel like all of his songs were linked, and they started coming together in this story in my head. So, thinking I'd never in a million years get permission, I asked Blake Sennett if I could write a book where I used his song lyrics as chapter titles because his songs are what had inspired this story. And by some miracle, HE SAID YES! I basically took the story I imagined from his songs and wrote a book about it. And I really love it. It's very different from what I normally write because it's a bit more... how do I put it... normal. It doesn't have ghosts or robots or otherworldly places. It has a boy and his doomed relationship with his childhood sweetheart. And I love it. I'm currently shopping it around to agents, but one way or another you guys will read it. And then you'll need to listen to The Elected and figure out which chapters belong to which songs :)

If you don't know Blake Sennett from The Elected, you might recognize him from his first band Rilo Kiley :)

That's about it for now. I'll  keep you guys updated on PVP as the time gets closer!

Until next time,


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