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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

All the Book Signings. All the Awkward Shannen.


I've got a few book signings coming up and instead of bugging you about it on Facebook (I'll save that for Friday) I thought I'd tell you all about them in... you guessed it... gifs :) My favorite of all things.

This time, Jefferson Parrish (Mika) gifs because, in fact, I'll be signing Parrish at these events :)

Here's a quick reference for all of you who don't want to read a long post with fantastic gifs... if such people exist. May 21st, King's English from 3-5. June 10th Jordan Landing B&N from 5-6... maybe 7? And Sandy B&N at some time I don't know yet.

And now for the long gify explanation!

First up! I've got a signing at The King's English in Salt Lake City on May 21st from 3-5! I'll have candy, and bookmarks, and happiness, and all the awkward Shannen moments you could ever hope for.

I'll probably end up looking like this in every picture.

Or maybe this

And also this.

So be ready to be inundated with horrible pictures of me taken mid sentence. Because they're coming. 

I also tend to write super awkward things in people's books when I sign them. So I apologize in advance ;)

But not really. Because "Stiles was here" was my favorite thing I've ever written in a book. Cassie. I'm looking at you!

I'f you'd like to join the Facebook event page for the King's English signing, you can find it here!

My next two signings are actually on back to back days! So on June 10th I'll be signing at the Jordan Landing Barnes and Noble 5-..... 6? Maybe? Maybe longer than that? I honestly can't remember. But at LEAST from 5-6.

At that signing, you can expect awkward small talk from a socially inept author, AKA me.

As well as awkward physical contact... because I don't know how to be a human.

But in addition to the awkward, there will be candy and bookmarks and actual books. So... you know... real reasons to go! PLUS Mikki Kells and Cindy Bennet will be there signing books as well. So it doesn't get much better than that!

And last but not least, I've got a book signing on June 11th at Barnes and Noble in Sandy! And that one I still have absolutely no idea what time it's at. Because I'm a terrible author.

But the Sandy signing will have tons of authors! So you don't have to be bored with just me and my awkwardness!

So we have lots of opportunities to hang out, eat candy, and talk about... well... probably Star Wars Clone Wars/Rebels or Korean Dramas because those are my two obsessions (outside of Parrish) at the moment. So I'll never shut up about how Obi Wan and Ventress should have ended up together. Good luck changing my mind :)

I hope to see you guys at some of these little shindigs. I promise to be entertaining! Whether it's on purpose or just because I don't know how to human. It'll be epic!

And then I'll go home and pass out.

Until Next time!

Oh.... PS... Here's a Jefferson Parrish (Mika) picture... for the road :)
You're welcome :)

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