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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brainy Specs, Marketing, and Fandom.

Well I realize that every time I post I say something to the effect of "Wow it's been a long time since I last posted. I promise to be better about that in the future!" But you know me (... sort of), and I know me. And we both know how scattered I can be some times. So we'll just skip that part of the post... if you can call what I just did "skipping it".

As far as "The Break Up Artist" goes, not much new to report on that front. I should be hearing from my editor soon though the poor, unsuspecting editor will then be bombarded with questions from me, namely, when I can see my book cover. Because let's face it, who doesn't judge a book by it's cover. I, of course, don't judge the metaphorical book by its cover (so never fear friends) but book books... I definitely do. In fact, I'll admit to the great sin of purchasing the "Luxe" series based solely on the fact that the girls on the covers wore pretty dresses but you know what? My spidey sense did not disappoint. Those books are fantastic. Hence, why I'm so anxious to see my cover. So keep your fingers crossed that it's made of awesome and rest assured that when I finally do see it I'll be texting every last one of you at two in the morning to send you a picture and find out what you think. Be prepared.

In other news, on Friday I went to a workshop about online marketing at Cedar Fort. I must say, I was geeking out. A lot. Meeting all of those authors made me feel so... well... author-y for lack of a better (or real) word. I got to chat with them about book signings and the publishing process and marketing. I felt like I should put on my brainy specs and bath robe right then and there just to solidify the fact that I am, in fact, an author. Because what is an author if not a person who wears brainy specs and a bath robe? But the workshop was absolutely fabulous! It was taught (mostly) by Nate Moller of Nate Moller Marketing. He was funny, informative, and very easy to talk to. Probably all good things for someone in the marketing industry. From this workshop I learned how to use Twitter and Facebook for all sorts of fun things, including making a Facebook fan page which you should all join (since I am now taking part in shameless self-promotion). The link to like the Facebook fan page is in the contact section of this web site. Also, I'll probably make a fan page for "The Break Up Artist" the second I get the cover art for it so look out for that!

As always, keep checking back for updates that will (hopefully) become more frequent as the release date nears. And if you own a bookstore or know someone who does, or if you live near a library, or read, or... well... pretty much anyone reading this blog, request to have me do a signing with your local bookstore or library! Heaven knows I'll be requesting it!

Signing off!



  1. Hi, Shannen. It was a great workshop. I learned so much! It was great to meet you. =)

  2. Great blog! I can't wait to see the cover! How exciting!!

  3. I also judge a book by it's cover. Can't wait to see yours!

  4. Oh! Lv Surprises
    ~ Looking Forward~~~