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Monday, June 13, 2011

Christmas come early?

All right so that title may be a bit misleading... perhaps implying that Christmas has come early this year when, in fact, I'm asking (very politely I think) for it to come early because... are you ready... my release date has been moved to DECEMBER instead of October. So while this does mean more time for me to sit here and wait (Slightly impatiently) for my book to come out, it also means that my book will be out just in time for Christmas. So... looking for the perfect Christmas present this year? For your friend/spouse/child/relative/acquaintance/flat mate/stranger on the street? I have the perfect gift idea! You can buy them the new YA fiction book "The Break Up Artist"! What's that you say? I read your mind? Well I'm just trying to help you out. So you're welcome. Although really... if you wanted to get me a Christmas present you could just buy my book and call it even. I definitely won't mind.

So, we now have a new release date but I know what you're thinking yet again, "Shannen, why would you go through the effort of creating an entire blog post for just one little bit of news when you usually take 4 months to update your blog?" Well my friends, I will answer you by saying that first, this one little bit of news is pretty important. Second, I'm surprised this is the question you're asking when I can obviously read your mind which is a little scary. And third, that's not the only news. Laura at Cedar Fort just did a lovely write up of the author workshop I attended. You should all check it out. And if you look closely you'll see that she mentions me and a very savvy and intelligent comment I made... OK maybe my comment wasn't all that savvy and intelligent... more like flustered and awkward. But it still got a mention which makes me feel a bit famous. So follow the link below and check it out!

Other than that I have no news... and no pictures... I'm starting to realize this blog has a severe lack of pictures. I promise to rectify the situation once I start going to book signings and such where I can actually take pictures.

Until then friends!


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