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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

All the things! (aka, book news galore)

Hi Team,

I have a lot of different book things going on right now and wanted to inform you of their status. Please advise.

Thank you,

Shannen Camp

Just kidding.

That's what I would write, if I was still at work and e-mailing people about who-knows-what all day long.

But I'm home and it's getting SO close to the weekend. So let's skip the work etiquette and get down to brass tacks!

First thing on the docket is............

"Silver Lined"!

After all of the mean things I did in "Rose Tinted", a lot of you were asking when "Silver Lined" would be coming out so I could finally resolve all of your questions (which I promise WILL happen in the last book), so let's announce this puppy!

"Silver Lined" will be release April 18th 2015!!!

I know. It's a long ways away, but it'll be worth the wait, I promise! And maybe I'll even post some... oh wait... just like with "Rose Tinted" there is literally not one single passage I can post without spoiling something... except maybe a flashback. I'll post a flashback later on to keep you guys sustained until next year (wow it sounds REALLY far away when I say it like that!).

Next is "Parrish"!

Okay so I guess there really isn't 'news' on this one per se, (although you can read the description here) but I still want to talk about it because of how much I love it! And I want to tell you why YOU should love it!

We'll start with a family history lesson. Please refer to the picture below to become acquainted with "The Blondes" (as Reagan refers to them because she has this compulsion to label EVERYTHING).

We can see here, how these four books are related BUT, "Under Zenith" and "Parrish" are actually a double hitter (don't talk to me about likelihood because it's fiction and I don't care.... so there) because they're connected to each other on TWO accounts.

Jefferson Parrish (shown below) and Hayden Temple (also shown below... well... in the next section) are also cousins! (Deacon Parrish isn't because... well... he's not a Temple. Jefferson is a Temple from his Mom's side. Yeah I've given this too much thought).

So not only are Jefferson and Hayden cousins, but they both kind of hate each other for... well.. reasons. Reasons that Jefferson WILL NOT shut up about in any Parrish book.

So I guess I'm saying, if you love Hayden, and miss that little cupcake, you'll want to read Parrish because you'll learn more about Hayden in the first book (from Jefferson's warped perspective that doesn't really count), and Hayden will actually BE in the second and third Parrish books.

There you go.

Long live the dysfunctional Temple family! (we won't even get into the psychotic Temple Twins Dresden and Alistair).


"Under Zenith"!

I still don't have a release date for the second "Under Zenith" book, though it should (if everything goes according to plan), be released next year. I'm thinking the beginning of the year probably so it doesn't run into "Silver Lined" and "Keeping June".

BUT, that being said, I do have a title for the glorious second (and last) book in the... um... duology? Is that what you'd call it? I mean, technically Isla and Hayden still have a story in the "Parrish" books... but that doesn't count as being part of this book set. Oh well. We're calling it a duology for better or worse.

Ready for the title? Because it's pretty and I kind of love it.

Beyond Lyra

Yeah. I think it's pretty too :) Luckily my Sparkle Pony helped me come up with it so it could have lots of meaning and still be nicely symmetrical with the first title. So thank you Sparkle Pony!!!



For the month of June (because I think I'm clever even though... let's be honest... the play on words is pretty awful) each e-book in the June series will be on sale for $0.99! That way you can catch up before "Catching June" comes out in December!

Annnnd I think that's all for my epic announcements. Sorry this post was the length of a high fantasy novel!

Until next time,


(ps, anything pictured here besides my own book covers are a 'fan cast' so... you know... don't sue me.)