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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Let's talk about Ty

Brynn is next. Don't you worry friends.

But with only SEVEN DAYS until "Rose Tinted" comes out, I thought it was time to talk about Ty.

Oh Ty.

The sweet 'boy next door'... literally.

Ty is a nice guy, and he's most definitely concerned about Brynn's well-being, but we can admit he's slightly less than adventurous. He's more than content to live his life in Seaside with his friends, never doing anything dangerous.

Although that being said, he did save Brynn when she was drowning... even though he's terrified of the ocean for some unknown reason.

 And he camped out in that awful desert with Brynn and his least favorite person ever, Jonah, while having to live with the fact that he was the only sane, responsible person in that tent.

And against his better judgment, when Brynn says "Let's go possibly get ourselves killed to learn the 'truth'", he sort of just goes along with it to make sure she's safe.

So even though he may not be an adventurous caffeine junkie who knows everything about everything, like Jonah, I think we can agree there's something to be said for a guy who will attack a psychotic Angel, armed with nothing more than a water pitcher, just to save his best friend, right?

So good job Ty.

We love you in all of your cute, nice-guy glory.

Be ready for some Ty evolution in the second book. Because it's coming.

(Samuel Xavier, my "fan cast" for Ty)

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