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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Catching June Wrap Cover and the Amazingness that is Jackie Hicken

There's a name you guys may or may not recognize from the copyright page of basically every book I've published. And if it's not on the copyright page, you'll definitely find it in the Acknowledgments.

And that name is Jackie Hicken, book cover extraordinaire. I mean, she's also editor extraordinaire. But it's much easier to display her skills in cover design in a blog post, rather than her impeccable editing. I guess all you really need to do is look at what a mess these blog posts usually are compared to my books which are, usually, much more polished because of her awesomeness.

But the focus of this post, is my brand-spanking-new wrap cover for the paperback of Catching June! Jackie just sent it to me and I'm in love :)

I love that she takes time to focus on things like the book spine, where she's done these cute little art deco peacock feathers. Plus I'm loving the color of the back, which I think will go quite well with the rest of the series.

Also, can I just point out that I'm not bragging about my books right now, because this is ALL Jackie. Basically, I just wanted to give her a shout out for all of the amazing work she does (not to mention the fact that she acts in my weird last minute movies and doesn't complain).

So well done Jack. Your covers are just the best.

And now without further ado, my Catching June wrap cover.

Until next time,